Edirson Paiva

 A BCHF was idealized by Edirson Paiva

Very attached to the traditions as well as to the past and to the history, and by definition one considers himself a nostalgic, he remembered then, after arriving almost thirty (30) years in the USA that happens in 2012, to write the history of the community. To make such an adventure happen, he saw in the creation of this organization, a practical way, and that will also allow the participation of other people interested in the subject.

In Brazil

  • Edirson was a professor of foreign languages and a licentiate in Letters. He earned his first year of law at GV Law School when he dropped out and embarked for the United States in 1982. He taught Portuguese, Literature, English and French. His first job at age 16 was banking. He left this job to become a high school teacher. He worked in two colleges of Governador Valadares (Colégio Arthur Bernardes and Colégio Independência). In Ipatinga he was director of IBEU (Instituto Brasil Estados Unidos). He was Director of Academus Courses and Decision Course. Edirson Paiva also likes to venture into the business field. Founded schools of supplementary education, pre-college and nursery school. Scholar of foreign languages and linguistics. It supports politics but it is not political.

In United States:

  • He studied English (intermediate and advanced), linguistics and political science at Harvard Extention University (the last two courses, incomplete). Dynamic reading course at Northeastern University. Cambridge French Language and German Courses at Cambridge Adult Education. He is a producer of social events and founder of the Brazilian Times newspaper, Brazilian Times Magazine and Radiobttv.com. He is Moderator of the United Citizenship Committee and Director Member of the Education Movement. He was founding partner of the first Brazilian association of Greater Boston, the Brazilian Alliance of Greater Boston. Edirson Paiva currently resides in Somerville, MA – USA