Members of the Board

  • Edirson Paiva / Presidente
  • Júlia Pacheco / Secretaria
  • Wolfgang Tomich / Tesoureiro
  • Liliane Souza Paiva / Diretora Relações Públicas
  • Marcello Malcher / Acessor de Imprensa

Edirson Paiva He studied English (middle and advanced level), linguistics and political science at Harvard Extention University (the last two courses, incomplete). Dynamic reading course at Northeastern University. Cambridge French Language and German Courses at Cambridge Adult Education. He is a producer of social events and founder of the Brazilian Times newspaper, Brazilian Times Magazine…

Júlia Pacheco Julia Pacheco graduated in Communication and is vice-president of BRAPPAS (Professional Photography Association).

Liliane S. Paiva Liliane S. Paiva holds a degree in Tourism and is Marketing Director for the Brazilian Times.

Wolfgang Tomich Wolfgang Tomich, Co-founder of BCHF. Tomich holds a degree in Business Administration and has been a columnist for the Brazilian Times for almost 20 years; and was a promoter of social events for the community in the early 1990s.