Who we are

The first exhibition of Community History took place in November 2009, during the Gala Dinner & Community Dinner. In this event we officially publicly declare the existence of the entity.

It has already been shown, within what was possible, several pictures with pictures and texts about approximately 20 Brazilians considered of historical prominence within the community. Some of the states of New York and New Jersey, but most of the state of Massachusetts.
The state of Massachusetts as the state where BCHF originated is thus privileged as to the performance of the entity, however, all states considered as nucleus or massive presence of Brazilians, will be inserted to count the history of the Brazilian community.

At first the counting of the history of the community is summarized in the names of Brazilians with more than a decade of experience in the United States, who in one way or another contributed to the development of the community.

This contribution is not restricted to those who are called or considered leaders or political activists, but all those who have forged or helped to forge our history within their various contexts, be they educational, sports, social, cultural, religious or even academic. scientists

Get to know our complete story

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Our mission and objectives

Our mission will not be of the impossible type, however it will not be the easy type.
It will depend on a lot of work, a lot of research and lots of participation. For to tell our story, however young, three (3) decades of community alone, will consist of several goals.

Certainly the greater mission will be to be able to report impartially with the facts that in one way or another, will stand out and on the other facts, deserve a greater attention of the public.

Certainly also, the characters who have passed through our community and planted the seed, will be our greatest mission to narrate and record them in the pages of the “book” of our historiography.